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The Importance of Commercial and Industrial Door Security During the Coronavirus Lockdown

In recent weeks, life as we know it has come to a standstill thanks to the global pandemic commonly known as the Coronavirus. Businesses have shut their doors, people are staying indoors, washing their hands more than ever and life as we know it has been turned upside down.

What hasn’t changed though, is the need for commercial or industrial businesses to have a high-quality industrial door with security door fittings and reliable support to keep their properties safe through these uncertain times.

As business owners that have been around for over 25 years, we take industrial door security seriously. We’re security specialists who believe that protecting your business premises is priority number one, no matter what is happening in the outside world. That’s why we ensure you’ve got quality, secure roller shutters and good quality systems for your industrial or commercial doors.

Why You Should Choose A&D Door Systems for Your Roller Shutters, Doors and Shop Fronts

We offer a fully serviced range of commercial and industrial security doors that will ensure your property is secure and won’t be broken into while the country is on pause.

Not all commercial or industrial door systems and sets are the same which is why each of our Industrial Roller Shutter Doors, Industrial Fire Shutter Doors, Sectional Overhead Doors, and Industrial Security Window Shutters are all made to measure and made using the highest quality steel.

We also ensure that our Steel Security Doors, Automatic Doors and Sliding Folding Doors, are bespoke and created with care and attention by our team of specialists.

This puts our clients at ease knowing that their security solutions are optimised fully for their business premises because when it comes to your product or service, security shouldn’t be compromised.

As well as security shutters, doors and shopfronts, we are also experienced in fitting extra security measures. We have a team of expert specialists that work hard to make sure the security solution we fit for you is correct. We treat your commercial or industrial property as if it were our own and work hard to assess what you need, come up with an initial design and advise you on the most suitable, styles, materials, finishes & colours and other accessories.

Further to this is our commitment to constant maintenance and door repair. It’s no good just fitting doors and security features for them to need repairs in the future because they have not been maintained. With you and your workforce not on the business premises as you usually are, security and maintenance have never been more important. Our team knows how important it is to get any problem that arises sorted quickly which is why we have an emergency 24/7 call-out service. Whether your problem is big or small our team of experts want to make sure that it’s fixed and we like to think our clients feel comfortable calling us at all hours for help.

What Security Features Do A&D Door Systems Offer?

All of our industrial roller shutters, doors and shopfronts are secure and maintained to be as effective as possible. But we recognize that sometimes a little extra security is needed which is why we offer a range of additional security solutions to give you more protection.


If you don’t want a car or larger vehicle entering your business premises without you knowing then bollards are a very effective option for your business front, car parks and along footpaths. We have a wide variety of mechanical and automated designs that will be professionally installed by our team of experts.

Gates & Barriers

From pedestrian gates and turnstile entrance to cantilever sliding gates, gates and barriers are the perfect solutions to your security needs. Further, we can customise these gates if you have more specific needs that need addressing.

Door Locking System

Arguably the most effective and simple way of controlling access to your premises and making sure things stay where they are. Our aluminium and steel rollers shutters can be fitted with an additional door lock so you can rest assured knowing that everything is secure once you’ve locked up for the day.

Retractable Grilles

Retractable Grilles make sure no criminal can get past your entrance. If you have a shopfront, restaurant or public building Retractable Grilles are a simple and effective option for maintaining business security.

Security Grilles

Security Grilles are a great option if you still want just enough visibility for potential consumers to see what product or service you offer but enough physical security to stop potential criminals breaking in.

Get in Touch with A&D Door Systems

As you’ve seen, here at A&D Door Systems we consider security paramount to your commercial or industrial property. From doors and shop fronts to roller shutters, commercial and industrial security is in everything we do.

If you’re a business owner in Manchester, the surrounding areas of Salford, Bolton, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport or anywhere else in England, Wales or Scotland looking for secure industrial doors and high-quality industrial doors complete with sturdy door fittings with high-grade security technology, then A&D Door Systems have the perfect door for you.

Give us a call or send us an email to arrange a site visit so that we can carry out a site survey. We can’t wait to hear about how we can help you with your business security during this uncertain time.