Automatic Doors

An automatic sliding door is an excellent option for high traffic areas and places where space limits the opening of a hinged door.  Versatile and robust, and designed to provide a high level of flexibility and security, at A and D Doors our experienced team not only install but also provide technical and professional advice from design to installation.

An automatic sliding door can dramatically transform an office area or living space connecting you to the outside world and allowing natural light to flood in.

Automatic sliding doors are ideal for environments with heavy pedestrian and light, non-motorised traffic.  These doors are ideal for use in hospitals and a wide range of commercial premises and are perfect for situations where dust, drafts and noise may be common issues.  The aluminium frames pivot in both directions and the variable tension springs offer a wide range of opening and closing pressures.

A and D Doors offer a full repair, maintenance and installation service for all types of sliding doors – whether your door has damaged lath, a failed motor or barrel assembly, we have the expertise to carry out an effective repair quickly and economically.Our team can help to install and repair all kinds of automatic doors to the highest possible standards, giving you a beautiful, functional product that will last you for years to come. With A&D Door Systems you won’t have to worry about your doors having errors or breaking, and with our 1 year labour guarantee, in the unlikely event of failure, you can feel confident we’ll be there to fix things up again straight away.

automatic sliding doors

How Do Automatic Doors Work?

Here at A&D Door Systems, we love the convenience that automatic doors provide. Most of us will encounter many automatic doors on a single trip through the high street. Over the years their popularity has only increased in retail and shopping centres, and they’ve long been used in specific building types like hospitals and train stations. It keeps access quick and easy because all you have to do is walk towards the door and it opens for you. Many of us take automatic doors for granted and don’t realise how useful they are in keeping busy pedestrian traffic moving and encouraging footfall. But if you’re thinking of having automatic doors installed, then you might be wondering about how exactly they work.

All automatic doors use sensors to detect motion so that they can open whenever someone approaches the doorway. There are a range of different sensors that different automatic doors use, and you can get sensors that detect sound, light, weight and movement. Each type of sensor has its own benefits and drawbacks, which means that different sensors work better in different environments.

Some doors might use weight sensors installed as a disguised mat in front of the door. This kind of method might be better for private use or in locations with less footfall. One of the most popular sensors for automatic doors are those that detect motion. These are the automatic sliding doors you’ll most often see out and about on the high street. These sensors detect movement in a designated area around the door, sending a signal that opens the doors when someone approaches. These doors are fantastic for encouraging and welcoming people inside, while keeping the doors open in cases of heavy pedestrian traffic in and out of the building.

When your sensor is set off, it tells the electronic drivetrain to open up. This is the device that controls the door’s opening and closing mechanism, which is in turn attached to the automatic doors. These mechanisms work together to provide your building with a set of fully functioning automatic doors, responding whenever someone approaches to enter.

Automatic Doors Throughout The North West & The Rest Of The UK

Here at A&D Door Systems, we provide the supply, repair, maintenance and installation of automatic doors throughout the North West, as well as the rest of the UK. From our head office in Manchester we serve a number of business throughout the North West area, including Liverpool, Bolton, Stockport, Warrington, Salford, Blackpool and more.

Andy and Denise Holt set up A&D Door Systems over 25 years ago. In that time, we’ve grown a reputation for always providing a great service and getting an excellent job done. We have seen automatic doors become more and more important, and it’s become a crucial part of our business. We’re experts in the supply, maintenance, emergency repair and installation of automatic doors.

When we began as a local business all of our business came from the local area. But through excellent word of mouth and a fantastic reputation, our business has spread across the rest of the UK. We now offer our fantastic service across North and South Yorkshire, including Bradford, Leeds and York, as well as large cities such as Nottingham, Birmingham, Bristol, Newcastle and London.

We’re a passionate team of experts, with decades of experience in putting together door solutions for a wide variety of buildings and organisations, so we are sure we can create a bespoke solution for your business if you need it. When you work with A&D Door Systems, you can expect fantastic, friendly service, advice from the industry experts and a quality product that does exactly what you need it to. Our team of fitters help to make sure that the products they install are functional and durable for many years to come, on every single project we carry out.

We only expect to continue growing in the future, and our business will continue to spread across the UK. If you own a business anywhere in the UK and you need the supply, installation, repair or maintenance of an automatic door, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Is An Automatic Sliding Door Right For My Business?

If you’re thinking of installing a new set of automatic doors for your building, you might be wondering about what exactly the benefits are. Sure, a lot of places have automatic doors these days, but are they really necessary? How exactly are they going to help your business? Well, we think there are a few different ways in which automatic doors can give your business a lift:

  • People love automatic doors

Research indicates that people much prefer automatic doors over manual. In fact, about 99% of people expressed a preference for automatic doors instead of manual. The buildings in which automatic doors are most important include hospitals, airports, hotels, retail stores and shopping markets.

Why is this exactly? People seem to view businesses with automatic doors as more authoritative and professional. If you have automatic doors to welcome your visitors inside, it can make you seem at the top of your industry. Despite automatic doors having been in use since the 1960s, many businesses still don’t use them. Which means that having them can make your business look ahead of the competition to all your visitors.

  • Convenience

When out shopping, heavy manual doors are a nightmare. Nobody wants to struggle with a heavy door when they’re in a rush, especially if they’ve got bags of shopping or parcels under their arms. Perhaps your visitor has kids, and a heavy manual door is just going to get in the way.

Not to mention the fact that if people have accessibility challenges, they’re going to really struggle to access your building without automatic doors. It’s important to make your building as accessible as possible to all people, and by getting A&D Door Systems to install automatic doors for you, you’ll ensure that your business welcomes all visitors.

  • Safe And Energy Saving

When you have a set of automatic doors that have been installed properly and are regularly inspected, you have an incredibly safe access to your building. Here at A&D Door Systems we offer the supply and installation of automatic doors, something that we’ve been doing for years. Our staff are highly trained and are adept at installing automatic doors in any situation. We also provide maintenance and repair for automatic doors, meaning that you can call us whenever you think you automatic doors need looking at.

Having properly installed and fully functioning automatic doors also has a surprise benefit: energy saving. You might expect automatic doors to cost you when it comes to energy consumption. But because they open and close only when necessary, they reduce waste energy, lowering your heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

Expert Installation

We do not subcontract and our staff are employed by us. We take full responsibility for each and every fit so we can be sure that it is carried out to the highest possible standards, and is safe and secure for as long as you need it to be. Our staff are highly skilled and factory trained, so that they are adept at fitting all makes of industrial doors and genuinely know each product. This specialist knowledge ensures professional installation and seamless operation.

When you work with our team of expert installers, you can be confident that your products will be durable, effective and safe. Our installation team are able to carry out their work quickly and efficiently, so there is as little disruption as possible to your building and operations.

Quality Guaranteed

All of our products come with full manufacturers guarantees, and our own one year guarantee on our labour – all the doors and motors are fully tested and approved so you can be sure they comply with the latest UK safety legislation. So in the unlikely event your doors have any issues, just give us a call to get things sorted out straight away, and get your building back in order.

A&D Doors have safe-contractor & chas-accreditation