office dog sitting on office chair

Bring Your Dog To Work – Introducing Skye

Meet Skye the Border Collie, one of the latest members of A&D Door Systems. She was introduced to staff at the company headquarters in Manchester by MD Barry Knowles and quickly became a welcomed member of the team. Skye has shown outstanding potential in a number of key areas within the business. As a result has been given several important roles:

Head of Entertainment (she does lots of tricks).

Head of  Shredding Paper.

Chief Chair Warmer.

Head of Security.

Plus being in charge of emptying bins and rounding up the engineers.

A&D are one of a growing number of companies in the UK who see the benefits of bringing a dog to work and the positive effects they can have on the workforce. Research has shown that having a dog in the office can have a beneficial effect on well being, happiness and improve job satisfaction.  We can vouch for this, especially during stressful periods.  For 25 years A&D’s ethos has been to provide exceptional customer service and we will never compromise on this.  Inevitably sometimes the atmosphere can get a little stressful.  Especially when we put pressure on ourselves to fulfil our commitments. Regardless of what’s going on Skye can really lift the mood just when we need it, she’s always cheerful and non judgemental.  She’s a true friend to everyone, customers and staff alike. 

How does Skye benefit from being in the office?

Known for their intelligence, Border Collies like Skye require both physical and mental stimulation.  Dogs are also highly sociable animals and love to be included in daily activities.  Through being in a busy office, plus socialising with staff and customers, Skye gets ample opportunity to have physical and mental stimulation.  The team are also encouraged to take her for a walk which benefits both human and dog! Plus she gets lots of love and attention too.  Let’s not forget the added benefit of the generous income she receives – loads of dog treats and biscuits!  


We feel having an office dog such as Skye is an important part of our family approach to business.  Putting our customers first is also a big priority here at A&D.  Therefore please do not hesitate to contact us if you need general advice or information about doors, shutters and our other services.  We are available on 0161 926 8772 or send an enquiry here