Sectional Overhead Doors

The rigid construction of sectional overhead doors makes them the perfect option in high-usage applications.  Overhead Doors are ideal for warehouses and factories due to their noise reducing properties and their high levels of thermal performance.

A & D Doors offer a full repair, maintenance and installation service for all types of sectional overhead doors – whether your roller shutter has damaged lath, a failed motor or barrel assembly, we have the expertise to carry out an effective repair quickly and economically.

warehouse overhead doors

Save space with sectional overhead doors

Overhead sectional doors are designed to save you as much space as possible. With their compact operation, they open vertically and are stored in the roof space while open. Unlike fixed overhead doors, they never extend outwards and always save you space thanks to their compact movement. Here at A&D Doors, we’re always hearing our customers rave about how convenient their sectional overhead doors are.

This is fantastic when installed on a garage or other vehicle storage. Sectional garage doors allow for additional space to park and move your vehicle in and out of the building. They also allow unrestricted access, and because they never extend outwards you can safely park a second vehicle outside the door without needing to move it or worry about it getting scratched when you need to get inside your garage.

How Do Sectional Overhead Doors Work?

Sectional overhead doors open upwards rather than inwards or outwards. They are made up of numerous panels, usually between 4 and 6, that slide upwards on runners and hinge back inside the building as the door rises. The mechanism and operation is much similar to roller shutters, but the aesthetical appeal is so much higher and there are more potential advantages to be gained.

When the door is opened, the panels retract and slide horizontally on roof-mounted runners and sit parallel with the ceiling. This ensures the aperture space is maximised, with clear space both behind and in front of the door. The space-saving qualities of sectional overhead doors make them ideal for commercial environments, and even domestic buildings too, such as garages and outhouses.

Benefits of Sectional Overhead Doors

If room is restricted and saving space is a high priority, sectional overhead doors are the ideal choice. This is especially true if you do not have the space to fit the structure required for a typical roller shutter. Doors that open inwards or outwards require the room to do so, whereas this is not a concern for sectional overhead doors.

Section overhead doors also offer amazing insulation value, from both heat loss and sound transmission. So as well as keeping your property secure, they also save you a penny or two on your heating bills too.

What’s more, this type of door requires very little maintenance. Once installed, sectional overhead doors will provide many years of trouble free operation. This is because, unlike a lot of other types of industrial door, there is very little stress on the components used in the assembly. The weight and mechanism of the door is evenly spread, ensuring easy operation at all times.

Other Benefits

Sound reducing qualities.

Ideal for industrial and commercial environments.

Extremely robust.

Constructed to give long service.

Attractive and easy to operate.

Why Choose A&D Doors?

We have a simple and effective approach to conducting business. This is what separates our family-owned business from our competitors. Providing a first-class and friendly service is at the top of our priority list, applied by our expert engineers and offered to you at an affordable price. This is the core of what we do and the reason why our customers choose A&D Doors. We are here to help you whenever you need it, jut let us know what we can do for you. Our services are available nationwide, and our carefully selected group of fully-qualified engineers work to make sure our customers can have access to a solid network of service across the country. We have engineers in Salford, Bolton, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Warrington, Liverpool, Southport, Blackpool, Chorley, Preston, Bradford, Leeds, Nottingham, York, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Birmingham, Bristol, Newcastle and London, as well as providing services to Scotland and Wales. Therefore, if you’d like to discuss this product further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Expert Installation

We do not sub-contract and our staff are employed by us and we take full responsibility for each and every fit. Our staff are highly skilled and factory trained, so that they are adept at fitting all makes of industrial doors and genuinely know each product. This specialist knowledge ensures professional installation and seamless operation.

Quality Guaranteed

All of our products come with full manufacturer guarantees and our one year guarantee on our labour – all the doors and motors are fully tested and approved so you can be sure they comply with the latest UK safety legislation.

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