Industrial Fire Shutter Doors

Our made to measure fire shutters are manufactured from high quality steel and are suitable for securing any type of opening, whether it be for a small doorway, window or large warehouse opening . Manufactured from high quality steel, all our shutters are installed to the highest standard and can be fitted both internally and externally.

Industrial fire shutters are very similar to standard roller shutters –  the main difference being thicker gauge materials and all steel component construction The motors and controls are linked into the fire alarm system and are activated in the event of a fire or drill.

Fire Shutters are primarily to compartmentalize a building and prevent fire from spreading rapidly. Our steel fire shutters carry a 4 hour rating and we also install fire doors, fire curtains and smoke curtains.  Fire shutters are usually part of the overall building fire strategy and together with other fire controlling systems such as sprinklers, smoke extractors, fire walls etc, fire shutters can help protect property and lives.

All fire protection systems react to fire, heat and smoke in different ways and each play very specific roles. Together, they aim to keep a building safe for occupants and emergency services in case of a fire.

A & D Doors offer a full repair, maintenance and installation service for all types of roller shutters – whether your roller shutter has damaged lath, a failed motor or barrel assembly, we have the expertise to carry out an effective repair quickly and economically.

Protect your employees with fire shutters

When you’re running a business, you’re responsible for the safety and protection of your
employees. If your building carries some fire threat, then you want to ensure that you’ve
done all you can to protect the wellbeing of your employees in the event of a fire. We
understand the importance of this here at A&D Doors. Modern fire shutters have been
developed to not just prevent the spread of fire throughout a building, but to specifically
keep people’s safety as a main priority.
For instance, modern fire shutters work by sensing fire and smoke and slowing a fire’s
progress, giving people more time to safely evacuate. Even more than this, a lot of fire
shutters are now designed to close over time. This means that they close to head level to
prevent smoke from spreading at ceiling height, while still enabling safe evacuation.

How do fire shutters work?

Different types of fire shutters can work in various different ways. The way your fire shutter
reacts to fire, heat and smoke will all depend on your installation and the kind of shutter
that you’ve chosen. However, most fire shutters are vertical fire barriers that protect fire
escape routes and work to prevent a fire spreading throughout a building. Usually installed
over doors and windows, fire shutters are often concealed overhead both for discretion and
optimal space usage.
In most cases, your fire shutters will be linked to your fire alarm for instant response and
reaction. It used to be the case that you could only fully install fire resistant shutters during
a new construction. Fortunately, these days it’s a lot easier. Here at A&D Doors, we can
install fire shutters to existing structures, doorways, windows and entrances if you’re
worried about the threat of fire to your building.

Quality Guaranteed

All of our products come with full manufacturer guarantees and our one year guarantee on our labour – all the doors and motors are fully tested and approved so you can be sure they comply with the latest UK safety legislation.

A&D Doors have safe-contractor & chas-accreditation

Expert Installation

Our engineers are highly skilled and factory trained, so that they are adept at fitting all makes of industrial doors and genuinely know each product. This specialist knowledge ensures professional installation and seamless operation.