Industrial Security Window Shutters

We offer a range of industrial security window shutters to suit your business and budget and we can tailor them to your exact needs. All our industrial security window shutters are made to measure and are installed professionally and precisely to the highest of standards. You can rest assured you are getting the best in the industry.

Our made to measure security shutters are manufactured from high quality steel and are suitable for securing any type of opening, whether it be for a small window or large warehouse opening . Manufactured from high quality steel, all our shutters are installed to the highest standard and can be fitted both internally and externally.

Our standard Industrial shutters from galvanised steel sections but you also have the option of powder coating your shutters in any standard RAL colour.

Window Roller Shutters  are installed in window and door openings to protect a house or building from break- in and intrusion, sun, wind, rain, noise, etc Today, roller shutters are the most practical way to secure any commercial building.  Fully rolled down, a shutter not only protects against natural disasters, but also protects against burglars and intruders, lowers energy costs, reduces outside noise levels and gives greater privacy. Made from Aluminum or PVC, the shutters can be raised or lowered either manually or electronically.  Although great for views, windows sometimes need to be completely closed, and as most burglars gain entry through the window, a window security shutter is the perfect deterrent.

A & D Doors offer a full repair, maintenance and installation service for all types of roller shutters – whether your roller shutter has damaged lath, a failed motor or barrel assembly, we have the expertise to carry out an effective repair quickly and economically.

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What are the benefits of installing security window shutters?

Window roller shutters have become one of the UK’s most popular methods for protecting
and securing commercial buildings. Commercial buildings and shops need securing at night
and while vacant, so it’s important to have an effective solution in place so that you don’t
need to worry about a break in. Here at A&D Doors, we understand that a break in can be
a massive setback for a business and is to be avoided at all costs. But what are the main
benefits of security shutters?

Protect your property – Window security shutters are fantastic for adding that
extra level of protection to a commercial building or a high street store. They
reinforce your building and windows with tough and robust screen that’s difficult to
break into, giving thieves a very hard time. They’ll protect your windows from
vandalism and will even ensure that you don’t need to worry so much about keeping
your windows clean.

Deter thieves – Quite aside from the extra level of physical protection that
security roller shutters offer your building, they also provide a fantastic deterrent to
potential thieves. They’re a huge obstacle to breaking in, but they are also very
physically and visually imposing, intimidating anyone considering breaking in. This
makes potential thieves and criminals more likely to keep looking for a more
vulnerable building.

A durable and reliable solution – If you want a low maintenance solution for
protecting your windows and property, then our window roller shutters are perfect
for you. They are tough and resilient, meaning that they don’t require much regular

maintenance at all. This fact means they have an improved cost effectiveness and
make sure that you get more for your money.

Expert Installation

We do not sub-contract and our staff are employed by us and we take full responsibility for each and every fit. Our staff are highly skilled and factory trained, so that they are adept at fitting all makes of industrial doors and genuinely know each product. This specialist knowledge ensures professional installation and seamless operation.

Quality Guaranteed

All of our products come with full manufacturer guarantees and our one year guarantee on our labour – all the doors and motors are fully tested and approved so you can be sure they comply with the latest UK safety legislation.

A&D Doors have safe-contractor & chas-accreditation