We are experts in the installation, repair and maintenance of all industrial and commercial doors, automatic doors, roller shutters and shop front security systems.

What Makes Us & Our Roller Shutter Door Service Different..?

At A & D Door Systems, we are a family company with a passion for great service and what we do. Started 25 years ago by Andy and Denise Holt, our mission has always been the same – to provide a friendly, caring service with a high standard of quality and amazing value for money, and being able and ready to help all of our customers whenever they need it. Our approach to business has always been different, but simple, meaning that you get great work, done right the first time, every time.

Ever since we started our business, we’ve been slowly growing and expanding our customer base through word of mouth from our happy customers – in fact, 90% of our customers have stayed with us for all of their door and shutter needs after working with us for the first time.

We are proud of what we do, and so take our time to carefully select engineers who are experts in their field to work with us. Our engineers are all door and shutter specialists, as opposed to jack-of-all-trades types, to make sure that we are able to install and fit our full product range, as well as to effectively troubleshoot and repair any issues you may have.

We work to make sure our prices are reasonable and affordable, while also making sure that we can hire expert, fully-qualified engineers, who know what they’re doing for every client we have. By putting the values of quality, service and value at the heart of our business, we have been able to provide the consistent and high-quality service our customers love for 25 years.

What Do We Do?

At A&D Door Systems, we provide high quality doors and shutters for a variety of industrial and commercial uses. From automatic sliding doors and heavy-duty steel security doors to commercial shutters and security measures like bollards, security gates and locks, we have a team of specialised experts on board to make sure you’re getting great service and an even better product!

Buying a new door or shutter system for your business can be a big investment, but with A & D Door Systems, we make sure it’s worth it. We can support you every step of the way, whether you know exactly which system you need and just require our installation and maintenance services, or need a little more help and support finding the solution for you, our expert staff will be able to tailor-make a solution for you and your business. As part of our free shutter design service, we can help and advise you on the best styles, materials, colours and finishes, windows, handles and other accessories, and if you require a manual or automatic system, to make sure that you get the right product for your business. We don’t operate on a ‘hard sales’ platform, but instead choose to give you the best advice we can, and let the quality of our work and level of service speak for itself.

We also offer tailored and personalised service and maintenance plans for all of our clients, to make sure you’re getting the best out of your doors or shutters. Regular maintenance ensures you’re getting the best value from your products, and reduces the incidence of any serious breakdowns that might need a call out, potentially disrupting your business. Maintaining your doors and shutters is a great investment too, as it means you won’t have to carry out costly repairs. Regular visits from our engineers also means that in the event of a breakdown, our engineers will already know you, your site and the product that needs fixing, making the repair process quick and easy!

If you’re maintaining and servicing your door systems properly, we should be able to nip any budding issues in the bud, but if you do encounter a breakdown, our team are on hand to help 27/7, 365 days a year! We know how important it is to help keep your business secure, so our team of engineers are always ready to help repair any door system, large or small. Our wealth of experience and connections in the industry also means we have access to a huge amount of parts and equipment to make sure that your problem is fixed as soon as possible.

We also have extensive experience in creating door systems for schools, and have a dedicated schools engineer who understands the unique pressures and restrictions of schools, as well as the wear and tear that door systems in schools need to stand up to! Our services are available nationwide, and our carefully selected group of fully-qualified engineers work to make sure our customers can have access to a solid network of service across the country. We have engineers in Salford, Bolton, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Warrington, Liverpool, Southport, Blackpool, Chorley, Preston, Bradford, Leeds, Nottingham, York, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Birmingham, Bristol, Newcastle and London, as well as providing services to Scotland and Wales.

Our Ethos

As a family-owned business, our simple, effective approach to business is what makes us different from our competitors. We have always been a company that believes in what we do, and the service we provide. Good, friendly service, expert engineers and affordable, great value prices are the core values of our work at A&D Door Systems. The fact that we’ve been able to maintain good working relationships with 90% of our customers in the last 25 years is a testament to the quality of our work, and the satisfaction of our customers.

From the passionate staff at our head offices in Manchester, to our team of expert engineers, we take pride in the work we do, and that is evident in the service we provide, the work we carry out and the glowing reviews of our customers.

If you need a new shutter, door or security system for your business, contact A & D Door Systems on 0161 926 8772, and see for yourself why we’ve been some of the best in the business for 25 years!

Our Commitment to You

At A&D Door Systems we are fully committed to providing you with the best possible service. That’s why we offer our customers a genuine 24 hour a day, seven day a week, 365 days a year, emergency door repair service. Yes, we really mean it! Any time, any day, any hour: if you’re in need of help because your door, shutter or gate isn’t working properly, we’re on standby to help you out. We know that doors and shutters suffer from the wear and tear of general use, meaning they can stop working at the most inconvenient of times!

Our dedicated engineers are fully qualified to deal with your needs. Ready to go out on repair at any time, our engineers are all professionals who know what they’re doing. Whatever your problem, be it large or small, can be solved quickly and attentively by our engineers. From snagged shutters to broken doors and locks, we will be there to help fix your situation.

We offer this service because we know how important it is to get your business back up and running again as quickly as possible. Whether you run a small shop and your door has suffered from the wear and tear of everyday use, or you need something fixing as a matter of emergency because of a threat to security, we understand the importance of keeping your operations always running smoothly.

If you have security doors that aren’t secure or fire shutters that aren’t working properly, you can’t wait around to get those repaired. It’s a matter of keeping you, your employees and your property safe. We take this incredibly seriously at A&D, and we’re dedicated to coming out and sorting things out as quickly as possible, whenever you might need it.

Our Services

Our services are focused on the provision, installation, servicing and repair of doors, roller shutters, shop fronts, and security systems for industrial and commercial premises. Our specialised service is tailored to meet the desires of each individual client. There is no one size fits all solution. We customise our services to suit clients’ needs and deliver the level and quality of service that will stand the test of time.


Steel security doors are an effective barrier against unwanted intrusion and a strong deterrent against theft and other crimes. They come equipped with a multipoint locking system to further enhance security. We offer powder coated doors in a variety of colours and customisable sizes to suit whatever premises.  

Automatic sliding doors are ideal for areas where access need not be restricted but a barrier may be needed to limit noise and drafts. Depending on the type of premises and anticipated traffic numbers, we will advise on the most suitable type of sensors to choose that will trigger the opening mechanism. 

Sliding folding doors are another space-saving alternative that are also great for letting in natural light while offering reliable security. This category includes options such as bi-fold doors and swing doors.  

Roller Shutters

Industrial roller shutter doors are an excellent security barrier for a variety of commercial premises. Space-saving and strong, they can be customised in terms of colour, finish, and size to meet any design desire. They can also be internally or externally integrated into brickwork to improve security. 

Fire shutters offer an effective means of containing fires to within a section or whole building. Made of heavy gauge metals, they can be customised to over entrances or windows. Make them a part of your fire safety system that will limit losses and safeguard lives.  

Sectional overhead doors are ideal for large spaces as with warehouses and factories. They are a space-saving solution that can help control noise and thermal performance. Our sectional garage doors are also ideal for securing garage entrances without need for extra space to open doors outward.

Industrial security window shutters are an effective and space-saving security barrier. They easily prevent intrusion from criminals and natural elements. They can be used on shopfront windows or large warehouse openings. We can provide them powder coated in any standard RAL colour and can be either mechanically or automatically operated.


Aluminium shopfronts are an ideal way of displaying your offering while ensuring energy efficiencies and security. Our shopfronts are customised to individual client needs and are built using sturdy and durable materials. A shopfront plays a major role in attracting passing clientele to a business. Let us help you configure the right look that will not only draw in more business but also safeguard it from unwanted intrusion. 


Bollards are an effective security barrier that help restrict car and other larger vehicle access where you do not want it. they come in a variety of mechanical and automated designs that can be professionally installed around business fronts, car parks, and along footpaths.  

Our gates and barriers come in a variety of designs that fulfil any number of security needs. Whether it is a cantilever sliding gate, turnstile entrance, pedestrian gate or other styles, we can find it for you. We can customise and install any design of mechanically or automatically operated gate. We can also pair this with additional security features like bollards and automatic card readers. 

Locks are a classically simple and effective way of controlling access to a building and rooms. We fit high-quality locks on aluminium and steel roller shutters so you can be assured of better security once all is locked up.  

With retractable grilles, you are assured that no criminal can get past your entrance. They are a simple but effective barrier that still allows for good visibility into the structure. They are ideal for many shopfronts, restaurants, and public buildings. 

Security grilles are similarly effective at deterring theft. Even when locked up they still allow for good visibility into the premises shopfront that can encourage potential customers to revisit later. They are a good alternative to blinds that would obscure the businesses offerings. 

Installation, Service, And Maintenance

We pride ourselves in being able to provide a seamless professional installation of all our products. We do not sub-contract, but rather have our teams’ factory-trained so they are fully skilled at ensuring proper installation of the brands we handle. We are fully conversant with all that it takes to ensure quality results and further guarantee our work for one year. All products we supply come with full manufacturer guarantees. 

We also offer preventative maintenance service contracts designed to keep our installed doors, roller shutters, shopfronts, and security systems efficiently and effectively running for as long as possible. We have found this maintenance to be helpful in extending the life of these products, enhance the reliability of their operation, and reduce incidents of breakdowns. The familiarity built also makes our response to breakdowns to be faster.  

Multi-Site Contracts

Our business has grown to accommodate even the wider needs of businesses that operate multiple sites. Our teams of engineers have worked in a variety of locations across the UK and Ireland, fulfilling the security needs of retail and commercial enterprises with offices, warehouses, and more spread out nationally. Our extensive range of services and widespread capability makes us the best choice of service provider for businesses looking to affordably and reliably expand and equip their premises. 

Emergency Door Repair

Problems can arise at odd times and this is why we offer a round the clock, all year round emergency door repair service. Shutters and doors can once in a while suffer a failure that makes it impossible to reliably secure them. Locks can fail, electric wiring short, or something snag on the roller. Whatever the problem, our crews are ready to respond quickly and ensure you can get back to safely securing your business as normal. Our friendly and professional engineers can be contacted any time of the day on 0161 327 0978

We’re based in Sale but we work across the UK – our engineers cover the majority of the UK. As a Greater Manchester based company, we particularly excel in providing timely industrial door repair and shutter repair in Oldham and other Greater Manchester locations such as Sale, Bolton, Rochdale and Stockport. 

Need emergency door repair in Oldham? Or industrial shutter repair in Stockport? A&D Door Systems are to be provide you with the security and peace of mind to know that you are covered every minute of the day, all year round. All doors and shutters suffer from a standard level of wear and tear, even just from day to day use. 

This general wear and tear is why we always recommend that our customers keep a close eye on the state and disrepair of their doors and shutters and any potential damage they sustain. Fortunately, if you do find that your commercial or industrial shutter or door is in need of some emergency maintenance and repair, A&D Doors is always on hand to provide the high quality of service you need. 

We are here to get your Greater Manchester, Sale, Stockport or Oldham business up and running again with immediate and reliable emergency door repair. Our engineers are available 24/7, 365 days a year so you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got your back – whenever you need us. When it comes to your industrial door repair and emergency shutter repair, we understand just how important security and protection is to your business. 

Our team of engineers are all professionally trained and fully experienced experts in the roles. When you call them out for Oldham emergency door repair, Bolton shutter repair, Sale industrial shutter repair or anything else, you’ll realise just how professional and adept our engineers really are.

What are our Credentials?

For over 25 years our clients have entrusted us with their doors and shutters. We place great value on trust, and over the years we have built a reputation for having great relationships with our customers.

So why do we have such a good reputation? We pride ourselves on being easy to work with. We know our stuff here at A&D, and so do our fully-trained and insured engineers. We only employ professional, friendly and supportive technicians who can install and maintain doors and shutters for a variety of commercial and industrial uses, such as commercial shutters, heavy-duty steel security doors, and automatic sliding doors. We provide solutions that get to the heart of the issue, and don’t rest until it’s resolved.

We pride ourselves on our good company policies, setting a high standard for the industry. We are dedicated to providing excellent health and safety for both our employees and our customers, remaining environmentally conscious in everything we do, promoting and maintaining equal opportunities in all aspects of our work, and ensuring we keep excellent asbestos control in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

We have excellent accreditations and partnerships with organisations such as Alcumus, IPAF, PASMA, Chas, and many more, so you know we’re a company that you can trust.

We’ve been providing top quality doors and shutters for 25 years. Working across the country, we have built a reputation on reliability, efficiency and trust. If you need a new shutter, door or security system for your business, contact A & D Door Systems on 0161 926 8772.

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From our head office in Manchester we serve all areas in the UK including Wales and Scotland. Our team of engineers cover all of the following areas: Salford, Bolton, Oldham, Rochdale,  Stockport, Warrington, Liverpool, Southport, Blackpool, Chorley, Preston, Bradford, Leeds, Nottingham, York, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Birmingham, Bristol, Newcastle and London.

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“Very happy with the shutters, and do not regret getting the electric shutters. Thanks for your advice.

Great price, great service. A happy customer!”


“Both the installers and electrician were friendly and have completed the job well. On time, no issues. Pleasure working with you.”


“Very happy, great service. shutters look amazing. Thanks for taking the extra time to match in the colours for us. Thank you.”


“Just wanted to say what a great job your engineer (Phil) did today. Nothing was too much trouble and we are really pleased with both the repair and the installation of the new steel doors.”

Mr Townsend

“A huge thanks to you guys today and the engineer who came to our rescue (Andy). He stopped off on his way home to help us secure the shutter. Fantastic attitude. Thanks for your help – as I said, we have 12 sites across the NW so I’ll be in touch…”


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