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Which Door System Is Right For Me?

Door systems are something that most people don’t give much thought to. But if you’re a business owner and you’re setting up a new property, you know that the doors you install and use all of a sudden become very important. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place for expert insight into door systems and their applications.

There’s a lot to choose from, including everything from sectional overhead doors to heavy duty security doors. Here at A&D Door Systems, we’re a family run business with over 25 years of experience helping businesses find the right door solution for their property. No one is better placed to guide you to the perfect solution! Let’s take a look at some door systems and where they are best used.

Steel Security Doors

Every property needs to feel safe, secure and protected. This is where our phenomenal range of steel security doors comes in. Really, these doors are perfect for a range of different uses and businesses and they come in a wide range of powder coated colours for customisation.

These are high quality and heavy duty, and are perfect for protecting a property from intruders. But where should they be installed? Essentially, anywhere: we’ve helped provide our range of steel security doors for retail outlets, schools, pubs, offices, communal buildings, restaurants and more. They are a fantastic deterrent against vandalism and burglary for any business.

Automatic Doors

Does your business include a high traffic area in a place with limited space? Versatile, robust and sturdy, there is nothing better than our range of automatic doors here at A&D Doors! These provide a level of flexibility while never compromising on security and protecting your property.

Automatic sliding doors are great for areas that have heavy and light pedestrian traffic. They are the perfect fit for hospitals and certain commercial properties, where you need to accommodate a lot of unimpeded traffic. Where there is a problem of dust, drafts and noise, automatic doors are a fantastic fit!

Sliding Folding Doors

If you have an office area that you would like to transform, you can’t go wrong with our selection of sliding and folding doors. Our bi-fold doors can make a huge difference, turning an open office area into somewhere stylish and sleek while saving space and providing security. They are fantastic for making the most of your natural light.

On the other hand, the team here at A&D Door Systems can help to design and install a perfect set of swing doors for your space. These are amazing for areas that need to accommodate a lot of pedestrian traffic that you want to keep flowing throughout the day.

Overhead Sectional Doors

If you’re a business owner and you own a warehouse, factory, garage or other vehicle storage, then you can’t go wrong with our sectional overhead doors here at A&D. These doors have phenomenal noice reduction and excellent thermal performance.

The best part? These doors are stored overhead when open and don’t extend outwards, giving fantastic large access for larger buildings like garages and factories. They allow for unrestricted access and save space both in the exterior and interior of your building.

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