Maintenance Programmes For Shutters And Doors

Why is maintaining your shutters and doors so important?

Scheduled preventative maintenance programmes helps to alleviate the problem of having unexpected emergencies. Even with the most robust doors and shutters, things can and do go wrong.  The majority of problems being due to unchecked wear and tear.

A&D have specialised in the business of industrial and commercial doors and shutters for 25 years.  We have seen first hand the frustration and sometimes panic people feel when they have to seek emergency repairs, especially if customers and staff can’t enter or exit a premises. Or a building is left vulnerable to theft and vandalism.

Very often there is a financial cost to a company if trade is disrupted.  Preventing a problem occurring  is always more cost effective because it minimises risk.  So while it might be tempting to simply fix the problem when it arises, this can prove very disruptive and much more costly in the long-run.

The benefits of regular shutter and door maintenance?

  • Early detection of a problem minimises the risk of emergency repairs and therefore the expense of call outs.
  • Prolongs the life of doors & roller shutters.  Replacements are needed less frequently, again cutting costs.
  • Regular maintenance ensures security is maintained.
  • Potential dangerous problems can be identified and rectified, therefore minimising the risk of accidents.

Why choose our preventative maintenance programmes?

1. Quality and value

We want to build trustworthy relationships, that’s why our preventative maintenance programmes provide the best service possible. We pride ourselves on quality, while providing the most competitive prices for our customers. 

2. Highly skilled engineers

All maintenance checks are conducted by highly skilled factory trained engineers. Who have extensive knowledge and experience of the different range of doors and shutters, as a result we can offer maintenance contracts to cover a broad range of doors and shutters.

3. Customers are individuals

We’re not a ‘one size fits all’ company and so view every customer as an individual.  Our preventative maintenance plans are therefore based on your businesses needs and operational requirements of doors and roller shutters.

4. Maintenance documentation and policies

As members of the CITB, FSB and being CHAS and Safe Contractor accredited, we adhere to the Code Of Best Practice and British Standards. Therefore we provide full maintenance records and policies as proof of servicing to all our customers. Which will help you comply with legal requirements. Plus we provide the added benefit that all our work is fully insured and guaranteed.



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