Alcohol and Drug Abuse / Misuse

A&D Door Systems Ltd are responsible employers and we take our obligations to our employees very seriously. This is why we have set out this policy to help us ensure the health, safety and welfare of our employees and to help us comply with our legal duties. The use of non prescribed drugs is not only dangerous but also illegal under criminal law. Any reference in this Policy to a non-prescription drug refers only to controlled or illegal substance and does not refer to medicines, supplements and similar substances that are legally and commercially available in the United Kingdom.

Controlled substances often possess side effects that could not only adversely affect employees health but that of their colleagues at work as well as their performance. Employees should be aware that anyone under the influence of controlled drugs is a risk to everyone around them and should be alert to possible signs of drugs abuse. Such indicators commonly include:  Sudden changes in behaviour;  Confusion;  Irritability;  Fluctuations in mood and energy;  Impairment of performance; and  Increase in short term sickness absence. Employees should report any concerns they may have about a colleague displaying any or all of these symptoms to the Managing Director but should not under any circumstances approach the person displaying the symptoms or discuss their concerns with any other colleagues.

With regards to alcohol, A&D Door Systems Ltd do not permit the consumption of alcohol during the working day and employees are required to ensure that they are neither intoxicated, or under the influence of alcohol at any time whilst at work. Employees are reminded that heavy drinking the night before attending work, may result in excessive levels of alcohol within the blood which can affect your abilities to carry out your work safely without endangering yourself or others. Such situations will not be tolerated and the instigation of disciplinary proceeding may be considered.